Corporate Health Plan
Corporate plans on the health scheme are open to companies that wish to subscribe their staff (and families) unto the scheme. A company is defined as a group of 50 or more. The premium of Corporate Health Plan is paid by the employer, and this make it less targeted toward individual needs.
Retail Health Plan
A health plan that provides health coverage to Individuals and their families. This plan also offers you access to affordable and quality healthcare. The premium of individual (retail) health insurance policies is paid for by the individual.
Pre-Employment Screening Test
Offers a wide range of pre-employment screening tests at our conveniently located provider hospitals and diagnostic centers. Services available include Consultation and examination by a medical doctor, blood chemistry and haematology, kidney and liver function tests, glucose levels, lipid profiles, urine and stool examinations, radiological studies and other specialized investigations.
School Health Plans
Our school health is designated for schools to cover the health needs of students in ensuring a healthy life at school and in the environment at large.
Travel Health Insurance
Through our local and international partners, we provide a wide choice of health insurance coverage and protection to fit your travel budget. Individuals, families, and groups of all nationalities can enroll in these plans. Single trip policies, as well as annual multi-trip policies with varying levels of coverage, coverage zones, and optional supplementary benefits, are available.
Third Party Administration (TPA)
A third-party administrator (TPA) in health insurance is a person or company that manages the claims, processing, and reporting aspects of a self-funded health benefits plan. When a company contemplates or maintains a self-funded health plan program, they will almost always use the services of a third-party administrator (TPA).
Industrial Health Schemes
It entails arranging for medical services to be provided to workers in an industrial context, such as factories and industries, by locating a health provider near the factory. If necessary, referrals to other doctors are also permitted. For large factories, we can also stock and administer the industrial clinic.
Optical and Dental Care Services
We collaborate with a network of dental and optical providers all around the country. Individuals, small groups, cooperative organizations, and those who want access to either or both packages outside of INCHBAY health plans can get this bundle.